Account Access

Account Access

 Q. How do I create an account?
A step-by-step guide is available on our Account Creation page.
 Q. Why can't I log in?
There are many reasons you may be having issues logging in. A list of possible reasons may include:
  • You haven't created an account yet.
  • Your account isn't sponsored yet.
  • You aren't using two-factor authentication (NetID+).
  • You need to wait 15 minutes. If you just created your account, it takes time before you can log in.
  • You're trying to connect using ssh This will not work. Instead, use: ssh
  • You're using or as your username in PuTTY. Instead, use only your NetID.
  • You've entered your password incorrectly too many times. After multiple failed password entries, the system will place a 60 minute ban on your account for security reasons.

 Q. Why can't I enter my password in my terminal?
Linux systems do not display character strokes while entering your password which can make it look like the ssh client is frozen. Even though it doesn't appear that anything is happening, the system is still logging your input. To proceed, type your password at the prompt and press enter.
 Q. Why am I seeing "You do not appear to have registered for an HPC account"?
If you have just registered for an HPC account, you need to wait a little while for the request to propagate through the University systems (this can take up to an hour).  Patience (smile)
 Q. Why am I getting "permission denied" when I try to log in?
You need an HPC account - see our Account Creation page for details.  Once you've done that, you'll need to wait a little while to log in. If your PI hasn't already added you to their group, you'll need to wait for that as well.
 Q. Why am I getting "Account locked due to <x> failed logins"?

This error appears when you have entered your password incorrectly too many times. A security lock is automatically put in place for 60 minutes. After multiple failed password entries, the system will place a 60 minute ban on your account for security reasons. If you wait until 60 minutes has elapsed, you can try to log in again.

 Q. Why am I unable to log in with the error "Your account is disabled and cannot access this application. Please contact your administrator."?

This specific error shows up when your NetID has been locked, usually due to multiple failed login attempts when trying to access university services. Contact 24/7 to unlock your account:

 Q. Why am I getting the message "incorrect password" when I try to log in?
  • Ensure you are using the correct password. Sometimes typing your password into a plain text file and copying/pasting it into the terminal can help.
  • You need to wait about 15 minutes after your account is approved for the account to be available
  • You must enroll in NetId. Depending on the application you use to log in, you may not get the typical NetID+/DUO menu of options, or an error message indicating this is your problem

 Q. I've forgotten my password, how can I reset it?

HPC uses the same NetID login credentials as all UA services. If you need to reset your NetID password you can do so using the NetID portal:

 Q. How do I add members to my HPC research group?

Faculty members who manage their own HPC groups can follow the instructions in our Research and Class Groups page.

 Q. I'm leaving the university/not affiliated with the university, can I maintain/receive access to HPC?

Yes, if you are a former university affiliate or campus collaborator participating in research, you may register as a Designated Campus Colleague (DCC). Once your DCC status has been approved, you will receive a NetID+ which you may use to create an HPC Account. If you already have an HPC Account, no further action is required.