Northwest Region Employee Resource Page

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Advisory Councils 

For information about advisory councils and open meeting laws, visit the Confluence page Cooperative Extension External Advisory Councils Information.

  1. Programmatic people will request leaders of governing boards within Cooperative Extension to sign and return the following form: External Advisory Councils, and Equivalent, Guidance Form (PDF)
  2. Once the program has all completed forms, they will scan and submit to and file in their volunteer file(s). The email needs to indicate the board and individual’s name.
  3. If a new leading member is voted in, a programmatic person will request for this form to be signed and returned.

Affirmative Action Plan (AAP)

Policy - Non-Discrimination and Affirmative Action Statements (link is external)

Certificate of Insurance (link is external)

Computer Downloads & Troubleshooting (link is internal)

Conflict of Commitment/Interest

Policy - Conflict of Commitment Policy (link is external)

D2L Community Site

D2L Community Support Team: or 520-626-6804

Instructor/Course Facilitator


Designated Campus Colleagues (DCCs)

Procedure - DCC Initiation Steps for Program Leader

Disability Accommodation Requests

Procedure - NW Region Disability Accommodation Procedure (docx)

Discrimination/Harassment Allegation Procedures

Procedure - How to Respond to Allegations of Discrimination/Harassment (link is external)


Event Planning Flowchart (PDF size 8 1/2 x14)

Expense Reimbursement

Procedure - Employee Expense Reimbursement (PDF)

Procedure - Volunteer Expense Reimbursement (PDF)



Loaner/Rental Vehicles

Northwest Region


Marketing/Media Resources

Below are PowerPoint templates for presentation slides and marketing flyers.

Organization Charts



UArizona Purchasing Card Policies Manual (link is external)

Northwest Region PCard Holder Procedures (PDF)

  • To report loss, theft, or fraud on a PCard, immediately contact the PCard office at 1-520-626-9091 and email
  • If you are unable to reach the PCard office or need to contact them after hours or on weekends, contact JPMorgan Chase Customer Service at 1-800-270-7760. In addition, contact the PCard office and leave a detailed message and email

Fraudulent Charge(s) Procedure

Missing PCard Receipt

PCard Violation Charge

Program Forms- All forms are fillable PDF files

Phishing Scams

Photos (Creative Commons)

CreativeCommonsSources.docx  Listing of websites with free photos/images, i.e. not copyrighted.

Records Retention

Timesheets, Leave Requests, & Compensatory Time

Questions? Contact Karen Pizzuto at 928-445-6590 x223 or

Timesheets must be completed by 12:00pm Thursday of a non-pay week. If any changes are made to your timesheet after it has been approved, email immediately.

All leave requests must be sent to your supervisor(s) and

Sick, Vacation, and Comp Time


Compensable Time: Work Related Travel Table

As a passenger or driver

During regular hours – any day


As a passenger

Outside of working hours - any day

If working while traveling

As a driver

Outside of working hours – on work days


As a driver

Outside of working hours – on non-work days

If in excess of regular commute time

Travel time to workplace while on work trip (e.g. hotel to job site) or to the airport

If in excess of regular commute time

Regular commute and meal periods during travel time



Procedure - Post Travel-Traveler's Responsibility (PDF)


Instructions on how to set up a vendor in the UA system


Procedure - Voyager Cardholder (PDF)

Locations that accept Voyager cards (link is external)

Forms - All are fillable PDF files