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University of Arizona New Employee Resources

UAccess - This page is used to manage benefits and time sheets, and access EDGE learning.

Cooperative Extension Main Website - For county specific pages, click "Locations" in the top banner then the county name.

Cooperative Extension Employee Directory

Complete County Directory with Physical/Mailing Addresses

Computer Downloads & Troubleshooting (link is internal)

New Employee Section


Required training links (includes but not limited to)

  • Arizona Public Service Orientation
  • Defensive Driving
  • FERPA & HIPAA (contact supervisor to see if needed)
  • PCard Policy Review & Exam
  • Preventing Harassment and Discrimination
  • Security Awareness
  • UITS Certification: Elevated Privileges
  • Youth Safety (contact supervisor to see if needed)
  • Conflict of Interest

Bank/Credit Card Security Awareness Training & Acknowledgment - administrative hires only

Cash Handling Training - administrative hires only

FLSA Tutorial - administrative hires only (contact supervisor to see if needed)

Helpful Links and Required Forms


Obtaining a CatCard (optional)

CatCard E-Signature Form

Department Authorization for use of Personal Vehicle on UA Business FAQ & Form

UA News & Communications

Email Signature Generator

Business Team Section

Access Provisioning Tool (Role 54) - Admin Only

PCI Agreement to Comply - complete after PCI training (PDF)

Financial Services Office (FSO) Forms (includes, but not limited to)

  • Certification Statement For Off-Campus Location Use of Equipment
  • Communication Usage Service Agreement for cell phones, pagers, or internet service
  • Change Fund Custodial Agreement
  • Travel Authorization Form (for blanket in-state travel)

Human Resources

Purchasing Card (PCard) Forms (includes, but not limited to)

  • PCard Application
  • Missing Receipts
  • Tagging equipment purchased with PCard

UA Motor Pool Voyager Fuel Card Procedures & Form

UAVitae Access Request