Research Desktop Attached Storage (RDAS)

Desktop Attached Storage (RDAS)

 Q. If my VPN connection is dropped, does my connection still survive?
Yes, if you reconnect to the VPN, your connection will still be available.
 Q. "There was a problem connecting to the server."

This error is seen if you are not connected to the University VPN.

 Q. Can I access R-DAS for HPC usage?

R-DAS is not mounted on the HPC compute nodes or login nodes, and is not meant for running computations. But you can follow the steps below to share data between your R-DAS allocation and your HPC storage (/home, /groups, /xdisk): 

  1. Follow the steps in Virtual Desktop to launch an Interactive Desktop session. This will start a Linux environment with the Mate desktop environment in your browser.
  2. Open the file manager (also known as Caja) in the Interactive Desktop. You can open it by either clicking the file drawer icon in the top bar, or by selecting Applications > System Tools > Caja.
  3. Follow the steps under Accessing Your R-DAS Allocation - Linux (GUI) to connect to your R-DAS allocation from the Interactive Desktop.

    Please do not run the sudo commands mentioned in Accessing Your R-DAS Allocation - Linux (GUI) on the HPC. All the necessary software are already installed on HPC, you do not have to install anything more.

You can now transfer data between your R-DAS allocation and your HPC storage.