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FRTEP Vision and Mission Statements

Vision: What makes FRTEP distinctive and uniquely valuable to: tribal communities; USDA; Tribal colleges; others?

The Federally Recognized Tribal Extension Program (FRTEP) is the conduit between 1862 land grant institutions and Tribes through collaboration, leadership, and development of programs and mutual trust between all involved entities.  FRTEP continues to provide high quality, culturally relevant, science-based programming in 4-H/youth development, agricultural and natural resource management, horticulture, food preservation, and entrepreneurial business development.


Mission: What should FRTEP be doing for tribal communities?

Identifying and meeting the dynamic needs of tribal communities by developing and implementing culturally appropriate, science-based, programs that improve the lives of individuals, families, and communities throughout Native American land.


Mission: What should be the priority for FRTEP over the next 3-4 years?

FRTEP leadership has identified the following priorities to address within the next three years: 1) Collaborate with USDA NIFA to remove the competitive language in the FRTEP grant program; 2) Provide guidelines for agents and universities to improve the relationships between 1862 land grant institutions to ensure equitable treatment of FRTEP Agents; 3) Continue to provide leadership and develop strong relationships within tribal communities and governing entities; 4) Provide guidelines to improve the morale of FRTEP Agents and increase agent retention rates; 5) Develop new funding strategies and allocation recommendations for USDA/NIFA if additional funding becomes available; 6)  Strengthen existing FRTEP programs before adding new programs. 

U of AZ FRTEP Tribal Agents:

Alexendra Carlisle ( 505-368-1028 or 505-330-1443-cell (Navajo in Shiprock)

Grey Farrell, Jr. ( 928-614-8403-cell (Navajo in Tuba City)

Elisabeth Alden ( 928-916-4245-cell (Hualapai in Peach Springs)

Susan Sekaquaptewa ( 928-225-8550-cell (Hopi in Kykotsmovi)

Adonis P. Alamban ( 928-669-9843 or 928-575-6507-cell (C.R.I.T in Parker)

Juan Arias ( 928-916-2447 (San Carlos Apache in San Carlos)

Leander Thomas ( 928-337-2267 or 505-870-0827-cell (Navajo in Window Rock)

Kristy Kinlicheenie ( 928-871-7406-office or 928-206-0763-cell (4H Navajo in Window Rock)


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